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As you know,
Bhutan is a small country in Asia bordering India and China. This is the first country in the world without a traffic light system until now. The amount of emissions to the environment is absorbed by the system of green trees covering 70% of the national area. It is now considered a country with the number 1 happiness index in the world.
Infrastructure is relatively good compared to the world but the life of people here is always simple. It has small-scale transportation system, sparse population, limited state banking system in the number of transactions, only internally within the country but less open to the world. This is a country that maintains a culture, has a government-invested education system for free. Costs are taken from tourists through $ 20 per tourist who contributes to the national education system.
Although it is a small country, it has a free nationwide Wi-Fi network. There are many interesting things about this country, you can learn more.

What are we born for ?
We want to build an WIPC electronic payment system in this country between people and the state-owned banking system and many other parts of the world.
Why do we have to do that ?
We want to contribute to building the nation's education, preserving the national identity and long-standing cultural traditions.
In addition, given thecontext of the remote travel system, few means of transportation, and payment system that takes a lot of time and effort, we wish to put WIPC currency into contributing to improving payment all over or some places on this country, then expand payment worldwide.
How will we grow ?
We will call on the Invest system, Masternode system, calling for investors to deploy the plan.
How does our system work ?
We will work through the Invest, Masternode that are systems of money management and exploitation.
Our electronic currency is based on the latest Dash core 14.02 platform, enhancing improved security in speed and safety for users.
Our system has extensive experience in managing and developing electronic currencies.

What are our objectives ?
We soon to complete system infrastructure facilities. Put the WIPC electronic currency into the exchange system. Build electronic wallet system on Android and iOS phone devices.
Project implementation.
In addition to some parts spent on plans to promote the construction of WIPC electronic currencies, all remaining funds are invested in the construction of WIPC electronic payment system, contributing to the expansion of payment in parallel with the national traditional banking system of Bhutan.
What are the interests of investors ?
Through WIPC's digital smart money management system, investors can capture the opportunity to control financial issues and control their profits.


Our Features

Advantage of the Project


Security System




With Arbitration

Few Steps For a Member

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  • 01.The Platform

    Open Mainnet Nov 01 2019

  • 02. Open Sell Masternode

    Buy in Nov 01 2019
    Or. buy soon a WIPCOIN Token in Oct 15 2019.

  • 03. Special bonus Invite Member

    With $20/1 Wipcoin Token
    Everyone is JOIN with us. !

  • 04. Create your Income on Investment site

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  • 05. Wallet WIPCOIN

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  • 06. Technical Specifications

    Name : WIPCOIN
    Ticker: WIPC
    Algorith: x16R
    Consensus: Hybrid POW + MN.
    Block time: 60seconds.
    P2P Port: 45000.
    Anti-instamine: First 15 000 block.
    Masternode collateral: 5000.
    Masternode activation: 15 000 block.
    Transaction confirmations: 10.
    Maturity: 60 confirmations.
    Total supply: 50 000 000.

    Masternode Collateral
    Block : 15 000 -> 89.999 | MN 5000 WIPC.
    Block : 90 000 -> 199.999 | MN 10 000 WIPC.
    Block : 200 000 -> end | MN 15 000 WIPC.

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Development of WIPCOINN Platform
(Road Map)

  • 2018


    (September - October)

    Market Research

    (October - December)

  • 2019

    (1Q 2019)

    Formation of foundersteam Business plan

    (2Q 2019)

    Start of Platform

    (2Q 2019)

    WIPC Development
    Wallet, Core Explorer, Mining Pool

    (Aug 8 2019)

    Launch Platform
    in test mode, Wallet Core

  • 2019

    (Aug 2019)

    Invest Launch
    Systemsand work
    with API Partners

    (Aug 01 2019)

    Launch the
    Platform in
    Full test mode


    (Aug 20 2019)

    Telnet Platform
    Development work
    with Core Walet explorer

    (Aug 22 2019)

    Launch the
    Platform in
    Telnet mode Chain.

    (Sep 01 2019)

    Start Bounty
    Invite Member.

    (Sep 15 2019)

    Start Investment

    (Nov 01 2019)

    Platform, Chain, explorer WIPC apply Mining.
    Start Sale
    Launch Masternode

    (Nov 2019)

    Listening Exchange

    (4Q 2019)

    Start Exchange on Crex24.com

    (1Q 2020)

    Start Exchange on CryptoBridge

Rounds of Sale of Tokens


Target – to Raise USD 50,000

Special Bonus

Target – to Raise USD 50,000

Bonus for ICO :

Time bonus
1day 15%
2 - 4 Days 10%
5 - 13 Days 5%
14 - 31 Day 0%

Total supply : 5000 WIP.

In 2500 Tokens use for Pre-sale & ICO. Sale by Form only 500 WIP. Also can buy at our sale agents. (Agents: Only sale 2000 Tokens) Price info WIPCoin Token : 1WIP = $20.

Distribution of Tokens


For participants of Pre-Sale and ICO


Reserved for the team. Keep holder help disable/lost Tokens




Bonus for Bounty-invite Member, Bounty-Chat on server.


AirDrop campaign


For participants


Reserved for the team.KEEP help disable/lost.




Bonus for Bounty-invite Member, Bounty-Chat on server.


AirDrop campaign

The issued tokens will be distributed as follows:

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Latest News

Aug 26, 2019

The BOUNTY will run start SEP 01st, 2019 (09:00 UTC)

The total budget of this Bounty is 5000 USD REWARDS FOR TOP INVITERS: 1 $600 2 $500 3 $400..

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Aug 26, 2019

The BOUNTY will run start SEP 01st, 2019 (09:00 UTC)

The total budget of this Bounty is 5000 USD REWARDS FOR TOP INVITERS: 1 $600 2 $500 3 $400...

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